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Ekologie Forte is producing Organic Cane Sugars of the grade ICUMSA 100 to 150 and ICUMSA 450. Organic Cane Sugar produced is in compliance to USDA-NOP and EU Organic Regulations. Our sugar production units also produce Organic Muscovado Sugar (Jaggery). Ekologie Forte in association with tribal farmers groups in Central India – through our value chain partner is engaged in the production of Organic Stevia Powder and Extract. Ekologie Forte is working along with honey producers in Maharashtra and are now marketing in India organic natural honey from different flora of central India.

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Organic Sugar is free from harmful chemicals, Because no chemicals or toxins are present in organic sugar,Organic sugar comes fresh from its source minus all the tampering that refined sugar has to go through during processing. The organic certification means the sugar has been regulated for quality and it is a superior product. Sugar has been a source of worry to many. People are often trying to find a better replacement for white sugar. As it can be quite difficult to completely stop consuming sugar that is why organic sugar is the way to go! The best part about consuming organic sugar is that it is not only beneficial for your body but it also helps the environment.

The wide range of benefits of organic sugar makes it the perfect alternative for refined or natural sugar. Although there is no difference in the calorific value of organic or natural sugar, organic sugar does less damage to our body than refined sugar

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We are a network of global organic supply chains. Our network partners whom we term as “Value Chain Partners” are farmers’ groups and processing units presently located in the following 5 states in India: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa and Jharkand. Today we are working with three processing value chain partners – Vandana Organic, Probus and Maa Dantashewari Herbals. Our network of value chain partners specialize in the production, processing and marketing of certied organic food, food ingredients, cosmetic ingredients and feed ingredients. Our products are certied as per USDA-NOP, EU Regulations and NPOP. Our supply chain is built on pro-poor development principles and intended to have positive social, economic and environmental impact on the poorest sections of the community with whom we work.

ICUMSA 600-1200

Color - Brown

Raw Brown Cane sugar is brown sugar also known as ICUMSA 600-1200 which is produced after the first crystallization of sugar cane. Raw sugar is rougher than white sugar, and its colour is brownish. Based upon weight, raw brown sugar from sugar cane, when fully refined, yields contain about 70 percent white sugar. There are more molasses found in natural brown sugar that gives it a higher mineral gratified..!

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ICUMSA 100-150

Color - White

We are the leading supplier of high quality SUGAR (ICUMSA 100-150). The Sugar presented by us is well known for its great crystalline shape and pureness. To keep the sugar safe and to supply it on time, we stock Sugar in our classy warehouse. Also, to keep our products away from impurities, we arrange it in hygienic and quality packaging. our quality products allows us to come across the bulk demands of customers in the greatest possible manners..

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