About Us

We are a network of global organic supply chains. Our network partners whom we term as “Value Chain Partners” are farmers’ groups and processing units presently located in the following states in India: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Jharkand. Today we are working with three processing value chain partners. Our network of value chain partners specialize in the production, processing and marketing of certified organic food, food ingredients, cosmetic ingredients and feed ingredients. Our products are certified as per USDA-NOP, EU Regulations and NPOP. Our supply chain is built on pro-poor development principles and intended to have positive social, economic and environmental impact on the poorest sections of the community with whom we work.

Our Global Presence

The Vision

To be a successful global organic food, feed and cosmetic ingredient company where our farming partners, associates and consumers are confident and assured that they are cared, valued and cherished by us in the conduct of our business

Director Message

Our range of organic products represents the philosophy, vision and belief systems of the Daniel Family. In the 1980’s Dr. Alexander Daniel – an agricultural economist trained (Post Doctorate in Agricultural Economics) from the Gokhale Institute of Economics in Pune decided to make Maharashtra his focus of work. He devoted his whole life to uplift the quality of life for farmers in Ahmednagar District and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra. He provided his skills and knowledge of agricultural economics to the emerging cooperative and political leaders in the region. As a result of his work he was able to lay foundation for the development of farmer’s groups from the marginalized sections of the community. He placed great importance in the formation of women led organizations for production, processing and marketing.

Dr. Alexander Daniel

Dr. Selvam Daniel (MD)

Managing Director's Message

A Journey Towards Healthy Living. Ekologie Forte Pvt. Ltd., is a company dedicated for providing healthy food, feed and cosmetic ingredients to consumers. We have been working with organic farmers’ groups across India for the past two decades. The certified organic products from these committed organic farmers are now being marketed under the brand names of Ekologie Forte, Milawat Free, Eko Guarantee, Organiq Kosmetik,Tito’s Organic and Kompleet Feeds. Our range of products represents quality organic produce sourced from small and marginal farmers. We have taken all efforts to produce and process all food without any use of chemicals as fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. All our processed products are free from all synthetic preservatives and additives. We continue to enjoy this challenge of bringing quality produce to the shelves of shops.